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TEAM CraftingJapan

The members who gather at CraftingJapan are people of action who are rooted in their respective regions and fulfill their respective duties. Area leaders in each region play the role of coordinators that connect manufacturing production areas with local areas both domestically and internationally. We are members who aim to contribute to further regional reconstruction. ​ In addition, our members are active not only in crafts,


but also in various fields including food, art, entertainment, and tourism. We will support you to increase matching opportunities for crafts from various angles.

CraftingJapan に集うメンバーは、各地域に根づき各々の職を全うする行動者たち。各地のエリアリーダーは、ものづくり産地と国内外に地域を繋ぐコーディネーターの役割を担い、更なる地域復興に寄与していくことを志すメンバーです。


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